For E-commerce brands making less than $250k/month struggling to generate that 20-30% revenue via emails...

Double/Triple Your Revenue From Emails And Make Money on Auto-Pilot(with Automation) in just 90 days.

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How your eComm Brand can benefit from us in 3 simple steps

We offer monthly Email Marketing retainer services to ECOMMERCE BRANDS where we do all the Copywriting, designing, Strategizing, and email management for you.In Short, we do all the heavy lifting SO THAT you focus on other areas of YOUR business.

step 1

Email Audit

In this step, we scrutinize your Email Marketing to the microscopic level, tracking down the tiniest bit of flaw, revealing your weakest links, and exposing every money-losing chink in the armor.

step 2

Crafting The pERFECT Email Calendar

In this step, we carefully craft a 90-day plan. The first 30 days include the fundamentals - The Welcome Series, The Cart Abandon Emails, The Browse Abandon, and The Post-Purchase series. The other part includes creating a 60-day calendar for the weekly campaigns.

step 3


The third and final step is all about Execution, Design & Implementation.We load the emails onto your email service provider and carefully monitor the performance of each email. Tweaking & Improvising until we get the desired result/hit the benchmark and hopefully surpass it.

1. You can buy the Email Audit service separately to check the health of your Email Marketing Efforts.
2. We provide a 10-minute video with an actionable plan for the Audit.
3. Should you choose you buy our retainer services within a week we'll deduct the amount for the Audit from the total billing.

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